10 kilos of food waste transformed into fertile soil with every ZEA item purchased

Each of our sales directly funds food composting systems and programs in schools and community gardens around the world.

Founded in early 2016 with a successful crowdfunding campaign

ZEA Hungry Goods is an apparel and durable goods social impact brand of high quality ethically manufactured products that funds urban agriculture and food security projects worldwide with each of its sales.

At ZEA we are convinced that in order to transform our society we must first restore the composition of our soils.  This is why we exist!

Ethical manufacturing    

ZEA ensures the fair and ethical manufacturing of ALL its products with third party independent certifications from the Fair Wear Foundation.  Our organic products have been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or the Organic Cotton Blended Standard (OCS).

In addition, ZEA is proud to promote the use of other innovative eco-fabrics such as Tencel® or Modal®.

Tencel® is a fibre that comes from the pulp of trees (mainly eucalyptus) that are grown on sustainably run farms certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  The benefit of using Tencel® include the traceable and sustainable origin of the wood pulp, and the use on non-toxic chemicals and solvents in teh fibre processing.  In addition, Tencel® is a high tenacity cellulose fibre , which gives high strength properties to the fabric.  This results in a silky soft, perfectly smooth feel that gives a superb depth of colour.  

Lenzing Modal® is a regenerated cellulose fibre made from sustainably cultivated forest plantations of beech wood trees transformed into pulp and fibre.  Lenzing Modal® is soft touch for the skin and easy to wear, without the need for ironing.