#Sow The Change



On September 19th this year, Mexico suffered a number of earthquakes that reminded its population of the devastating damages experience in the past, more specifically in 1985 when thousands of people died and many more lost their homes. 

The earthquakes in 2017 took the lives of hundreds of people and once again provided an incredible test for the Mexican population. 

But it is in challenging events such as this, that the community spirit flourishes in the most incredible ways and the power of civil society is truly in display.  

One of the urban agriculture programs proudly supported by ZEA Hungry Goods is Huerto Tlatelolco.  This community garden (the biggest in Mexico City) is located in the same place where a social housing commission tower collapsed in the 1985 earthquake.  This time, however, the power of urban gardens was truly in sight with the immediate contribution of Huerto Tlatelolco during the days and weeks of crisis after the 19 of September earthquakes.  

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The community garden opened its doors for people, who lost their homes, to camp during the night.  It also offered the totality of its harvest, and with the help of dozens of volunteers, provided fresh, local and nutritious food for the victims.   Finally, but not less important, the garden provided an oasis, a place for relaxation and contemplation, for anybody who needed to have a break after days and days of tension and stress.  This was particularly important for the volunteers who spent days assisting in all types of recovering efforts.

In the middle of this crisis, it was shown the real and tangible contribution that urban agriculture can make in providing for the needs of the population not only in the form of food, but also as places for community involvement, direct participation and reconnection with themselves and nature.  

The most recent contribution that ZEA Hungry Goods made to Huerto Tlatelolco early this year, was in the form of our newly launched, one-for-one model with the Ollitas Sol Irrigation System.   

Over 150 irrigation systems where donated to the garden and this has proven to be a very timely donation because since the earthquakes in September, water shortages have taken place consistently across Mexico City.  The ultra efficient irrigation systems, Ollitas Sol, is proving to make the difference in terms of water savings and the capacity for the garden to grow the next set of crops.  

We are so proud of Huerto Tlatelolco!!